WiTricity’s Aftermarket Wireless Charging System To Launch Later This Year

WiTricity’s Aftermarket Wireless Charging System To Launch Later This Year

WiTricity has announced plans to offer an aftermarket wireless charging solution for electric vehicles starting later this year.

Dubbed the Halo, the system is designed to offer a “hassle-free charging experience” that enables owners to park and charge their vehicle.

The Halo consists of three key components including a power receiver that is installed on an electric vehicle. It’s joined by a wall box that connects to the power grid and a wireless charging pad that can be installed in- or above ground.

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WiTricity didn’t mention pricing, but said the Halo will be capable of delivering 11 kW wirelessly and this is enough to provide 35-40 miles (56-64 km) of range for every hour of charging. The company noted the speed and efficiency is on par with today’s Level 2 AC chargers and that’s notable as wireless chargers have typically been slow and inefficient.

The Halo will initially be available in the United States to “owners of select EVs” starting in late 2022 with a beta program.  Interested parties can sign up here, but the company is promising broader availability in 2023.

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As part of the Halo’s development, WiTricity has been testing a wireless charging Tesla Model 3 since October. The company said it “charges in less than six hours,” which is “just as fast and efficiently as plugging in at home.”

Support for additional models is in the pipeline and engineers are “actively upgrading” a Ford Mustang Mach-E with wireless charging. That being said, the company noted the “final decision on which models to offer upgrades is yet to be determined and will be based on customer demand, technical feasibility, and automaker support.”

WiTricity CEO Alex Gruzen said research has shown customers want wireless charging on electric vehicles and noted the company has been focused on factory-installed EV wireless charging solutions. However, they’re now embracing the aftermarket with a wireless charging system that aims to eliminate one of the key hassles of owning an electric vehicle.

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