Workout While You Sit With This $99 Elliptical – CNET

Workout While You Sit With This $99 Elliptical – CNET


Exercise is usually associated with running, yoga and Pilates. But there are several forms of exercise that are beneficial, especially for people who can’t participate in those activities due to age or a disability. Owning a seated elliptical like this one can help someone stay active easily. And today, Morningsave has a deal on a BluTiger seated elliptical for $99.  

With six pieces to put together, it’s simple to assemble. Then just place the elliptical anywhere and begin peddling. There are eight levels of resistance to choose from. You can challenge yourself or keep it low-impact, and there’s a LCD screen that tracks your speed and calories, too.  

When Morningsave allowed me to test out this elliptical, it reminded me of an easier, more comfortable version of a stationary bike. The pedals are wide so you won’t have to worry about your feet slipping. It weighs only 14 pounds, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to maneuver for most people. The best part is that it works remarkably well on both carpet and hardwood floors. 

Don’t expect to get a high intensity workout from it. But it can help you stay mobile and, like all exercise, improve circulation and your mood.

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