Amazon Offers $100 Gift Card With Galaxy S22 Purchase as Device Officially Hits Market – CNET

Amazon Offers $100 Gift Card With Galaxy S22 Purchase as Device Officially Hits Market – CNET

Samsung S22 and S22 Plus and S22 Ultra compared
Lisa Eadicicco/CNET

The brand new Samsung Galaxy S22 is finally here, and whether you’ve been a lifelong Android user, or are looking to hop off the Apple bandwagon, there are plenty of reasons to make the upgrade. And one of the best reasons is that, right now, it comes with a pretty amazing deal at Amazon. You can order this new Samsung from plenty of major retailers and carriers, but today through March 13, when you pick up any of the three models, the S22, S22 Plus or the S22 Ultra, from Amazon, you’ll automatically get a free $100 Amazon gift card. While you can’t use the gift card towards your phone purchase, you can use it for other items, like a sturdy case for your brand new phone. All you need to do is use the code 86BONBGJ6AUU at checkout.

There are no catches for this gift card offer, but there’s a few other things that do need to be said about ordering a new Galaxy S22 from Amazon. The first is that you can save an extra $100 on the base model S22 using the instant coupon located below the price, but only on the 128GB model in the green or phantom black color variants. The second is that, while the 128GB version of all three models is available immediately, if you want a model with more storage (up to 256GB on the S22 and S22+, and 512GB on the S22 Ultra), you’ll have to wait a little longer, as these models won’t ship for at least another month or two, and perhaps even longer. 

The S22 itself boasts some impressive specs, including a stunning 50MP camera, super-fast 25W charging, and a dazzling adaptive screen that automatically optimizes color and brightness. If you want to know more about the differences between each of the three models, you can check out our full breakdown here.

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