Elden Ring Tip: The Jellyfish Summon That Will Make Your Life Much Easier – CNET

Elden Ring Tip: The Jellyfish Summon That Will Make Your Life Much Easier – CNET


Don’t underestimate summoned Spirits. They can truly come through during a tough fight.

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We’re still marveling at Elden Ring. The volume of weapons, armor sets and friendly NPCs available to help you in the massive open world is overwhelming. However, there’s one item many players may have gotten but haven’t taken the time to use in a fight.

Since launch, some players have taken notice of the Spirit Jellyfish, a large floating fish that floats about above water. When encountered as enemies, these Jellyfish are quite slow and easily avoided. But when summoned as Spirit companions, the Jellyfish can be quite useful during several of the game’s more challenging boss fights.

In Elden Ring, you can collect an assortment of summoned creatures to call forth into battle. These Spirit Ashes can be a great boon in a fight. A particular favorite of mine is the Lone Wolf Ashes, which brings three ghostly wolves who will maul the closest enemies. These summons are great to use, even for characters that aren’t so focused on magic use. I play solo, and the spirit companions have been a great asset to rely on if I need an extra hand.

Back to the Jellyfish. What makes them so useful is they not only inflict poison on enemies, but also possess some unusually high attack power. When called upon during a tough fight, or a boss battle, the Spirit Jellyfish will catch the enemy’s attention. What makes this particularly useful is the enemy is not only distracted, but the Jellyfish, oddly enough, has unusually high health. This means they’ll stay in the fight much longer than most other companions.

Elden Ring players on social have been singing the praises of the Jellyfish, which has gotten some folks to invest resources into upgrading it. If you haven’t found the Jellyfish yet, then here are a couple places where you can find them:

  • The first location is at Stormhill Shack, found just east of the main road heading towards Stormveil Castle. You’ll be able to see the dilapidated shack when sticking to the road. When you head inside, you’ll find a lonely woman wearing red. She’ll give you the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes if you talk to her enough times.
  • The Second location is also in the Stormhill region. You’ll find a mass gravesite and floating enemy Jellyfish hanging out towards the main castle entrance. In that area is a body with an item you can loot, which is the Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.

Elden Ring has plenty of summons and important items to use on your journey, but sometimes the ones you least expect may end up being the most useful to your character. If you want more tips on Elden Ring, including some advice on what to do with the early game’s bosses or how to find smithing stones to upgrade your gear, then be sure to check out CNET’s other posts on the game.

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