New Jeep And RAM EV Teasers, New Callaway Corvette, And Rivian Jacks Up Prices: Your Morning Brief

New Jeep And RAM EV Teasers, New Callaway Corvette, And Rivian Jacks Up Prices: Your Morning Brief

Good morning and welcome to our daily digest of automotive news from around the globe, starting with…

Stellantis’ Ambitious Grand Plan For The Future Is Very Electric And Very Digital

Stellantis gave the world an update on its long-term ambitions yesterday, under the “Dare Forward 2030” blueprint. This includes 25 new all-electric cars for the US, 75 different EVs globally, hydrogen fuel cell technology, and selling 30 percent of its vehicles to customers online. They also plan to cut carbon emissions by 50 percent, with a net-zero goal set for 2038. The carmaker will go all-EV in Europe by 2030, with 50 percent of sales from the US projected to be electric too.

2023 Jeep EV And Another Ram 1500 BEV Teaser Revealed At Stellantis Roadmap Event

Stellantis went on to tease the first-ever fully-electric Jeep SUV. The unnamed car will go on sale in early 2023. What lies under the hood is being kept under wraps, but it could utilize a modified version of the e-CMP electric platform developed by PSA. Meanwhile, teasers previewing the Ram 1500 BEV were also shown and will be on sale by 2024 according to Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares.

Callaway And Chevy Partner To Produce 35 GM Certified Special-Edition 2022 Corvettes

Over in the GM camp, Chevrolet announced the creation of a limited edition 2022 Corvette accessories package. Together with Callaway, the B2K 35th Anniversary Package will be limited to just 35 examples. It includes new carbon fiber exterior aero parts, Callaway’s own lightweight exhaust system, and fully-forged nine-spoke wheels. Interior upgrades include anodized door sill panels, Callaway embroidered floor mats, a billet pedal pad set, and a Callaway serialized interior build placard.

Rivian R1T And R1S Prices Skyrocket Up To $14,500 But There’s A Cheaper Dual-Motor Variant On The Horizon

It’s bad news if you’ve reserved a Rivian R1T or R1S — the startup EV automaker is upping the prices, and preorders haven’t been spared. According to Rivian’s updated configurator, the R1T’s price has skyrocketed from $67,500 to $79,500. The R1S has seen an even more dramatic hike as the crossover now begins at $84,500 instead of $70,000. However, the company announced that more affordable dual-motor variants will arrive in 2024 to slot beneath the quad-motor models that are currently available.

BMW X5 Li Unveiled In China With X7-Matching Longer Wheelbase

Catering to a market obsessed with rear legroom, BMW has unveiled the X5 xDrive30Li and the X5 xDrive40L for the Chinese market. The X5 Li brings a 130 mm (5.1 inches) increase in the wheelbase compared to the regular fourth-generation X5, matching that of the bigger X7, with all that extra length channeled towards the rear-seat experience.

McLaren Turns To Nat Bowen To Create Vibrant Artura Art Car

McLaren has revealed a vibrant and multicolored take on the Artura hybrid supercar. With the help of abstract artists Nat Bowen, the rainbow-like Artura uses translucent resin pigments that adapt to the light to reflect and absorb the work’s surroundings. The art car will be on display at Bowen’s solo exhibition at the ME Dubai hotel between February 24 and March 31.

Angry Farmer Flips Car Off Driveway With His Tractor After Dispute With Beer-Fuelled Youth

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A British farmer has escaped charges of dangerous driving and criminal charges thanks to a 400-year old legal precedent known as Semayne’s case that says everyone has the right to defend their home. The act of defense in question involved using a tractor to flip a Vauxhall Corsa blocking the farmer’s driveway after a pair of friends became aggressive and punched the tractor operator.

What Else Is Making The News

John DiMaggio Back As Voice Of Bender

Hulu’s Futurama revival will feature the voice of John DiMaggio as the wisecracking character, Bender. It’s good news for fans, who have been campaigning for the voice actor to make a return. It was reported that DiMaggio and the producers had been unable to work out a deal that he felt was satisfactory.

Binance Rejects Russian User Crypto Ban

Binance founder and CEO, Changpeng Zhao has rejected calls for the crypto exchange to ban Russian users. Speaking to the BBC, he said that “Many normal Russians do not agree with war.” In an earlier statement, Binance noted that it would not freeze the account of “innocent users” but would take necessary steps to “enforce sanctions.”

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