Vinfast And Pininfarina VF 8 And VF 9 Electric SUVs Will Have Up To 402 HP, 300+ Mile Range

Vinfast And Pininfarina VF 8 And VF 9 Electric SUVs Will Have Up To 402 HP, 300+ Mile Range

Vinfast and Pininfarina have showcased the Vietnamese automaker’s VF8 and VF 9 electric SUVs in Barcelona ahead of European deliveries starting in the second half of 2022.

First revealed at the Los Angeles Auto Show last fall as the VF e35 and e36, and subsequently renamed as FV 8 and VF 9, the D- and E-segment SUVs will arrive in the U.S. at the back end of 2022, having first cut their teeth in Germany, France and the Netherlands. UK sales are not planned at this stage.

The two-row VF 8 will cost €36,133 ($41,000) for the Eco model, and from €42,669 ($48,000) for the Plus version, while the bigger VF 9 stickers at €49,280 ($56,000) for the Eco and from €53,413 ($61,000) for the Plus before any available EV tax incentives are applied.

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Vinfast says the Tesla Model Y-rivalling VF 8 and BMW X7-sized VF 9 are inspired by sports cars and references the “modern design language to optimise aerodynamics,” which might be hard to believe in the case of the Lego brick-shaped VF 9. While the window outline is radically different on the two SUVs, particularly around the C-pillar, they share the distinctive V-shaped grille motif.

Technical details are still patchy, but Vinfast says the dual-motor, all-wheel drive five-seat VF 8 serves up 402 hp (408 PS) and 457 lb ft (620 Nm) and can manage 313 miles (499 km) on a full charge via the biggest available battery. Last November we reported that a single motor version would produce 201 hp (204 PS), and that opting for the smaller available battery would cut the range to 285 miles (459 km).

The VF 9 is likely to get the same powertrain, but should offer seating for up to seven, plus even more available range. A standard battery is tipped to endow the 9 with 301 miles (484 km), while upgrades offering as much as 422 miles (679 Nm) will be available.

Both cars come equipped with large 15.6-inch console touchscreens, head-up displays and should eventually offer Level 3 autonomous driving functionality, something currently only offered by Mercedes’ flagship cars.

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