Does This BMW M4 Competition Painted In Wildberry Do It For You?

Does This BMW M4 Competition Painted In Wildberry Do It For You?

Regardless of how you feel about the latest-generation BMW M4, it’s hard to deny that this particular example is one of the finest you’re ever likely to come across.

BMW may have made *some* questionable design choices in recent years but it has continued to offer its customers heaps of scope for personalization through the BMW Individual program. Evidently, the owner of this particular 2022 M4 Competition decided that they didn’t just want any old M4 and instead wanted one to really stand out.

Adorning the exterior of the car is a color from the BMW Individual palette dubbed Individual Wildberry. It is a dark plum shade that looks absolutely wonderful under showroom lights and we’re sure looks even better out in the sun.

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Depending on the angle at which it is viewed, the color appears quite dark while from other angles, the shades of red and purple really pop. Neatly contrasting the Individual Wildberry painted are gloss black wheels and a host of carbon fiber parts, including the rear diffuser, rear lip spoiler, side skirts, and front splitter.

Prices for BMW Individual colors vary and can reach five figures for some of the more exclusive options. A browse through the Bimmer Post forums reveals that one user currently has an M4 on order also in Individual Wildberry and it added $4,500 to the car’s sticker price. While that’s a lot of money, we think it’s worth it, particularly if you’re spending upwards of $80,000 for a well-equipped M4 Competition.

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