High-Tech Housework: Save $200 on This RoboVac X8 Hybrid Mop/Vacuum – CNET

High-Tech Housework: Save $200 on This RoboVac X8 Hybrid Mop/Vacuum – CNET


You know what the worst part about mopping is? Having to vacuum your floors beforehand. Luckily, this powerful RoboVac X8 Hybrid mop/vacuum can take care of everything for you with just the push of a button. It would typically set you back $650, but right now at Amazon you can pick it up for $450, which is $200 off or a discount of 31%. There’s no clear-cut expiration on this deal, it could switch off at any time. If you’re committed to grabbing it at this price, we’d recommend acting sooner rather than later.

The X8 Hybrid makes keeping your home tidy a breeze. It uses laser navigation to generate a multi-floor map and memorize your home’s layout for the most efficient cleaning route, and allows you to set custom cleaning areas and no-go zones. It’s equipped with dual 2,000 Pa turbines that provide powerful airflow and wider coverage on each pass for a deeper clean, ideal if you’ve got a furry friend that’s a heavy shedder. 

It can mop and vacuum simultaneously, with a high-capacity water tank can hold enough for roughly 140 minutes of mopping and the battery has enough power for 180 minutes of vacuuming for long cleaning sessions without interruption. It will even automatically return to its charging base, included with the purchase, when it’s running low, so no need to worry about tracking it down somewhere in your house with a dead battery. You can activate it using your phone, or through Google Assistant or Alexa compatible smart home hubs. 

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