10 best color matching apps for Android

10 best color matching apps for Android

Color Grab best color matching apps Android

Color matching is useful for a lot of reasons. Maybe you want to paint your bedroom or use the color for a logo or graphic design project. There are many ways to extract color from images and find out what colors they are. This technique goes by many names, but you’re trying to match the color of a thing you see, so that’s what we’re going with. Here are the best color matching apps for Android.

The best color matching apps for Android

Camera RGB Color Picker

Price: Free

Camera RGB Color Picker screenshot 2022

Camera RGB Color Picker is a pretty simple app. It lets you use your camera to grab colors from the things you point it at. It’s capable of pulling a few different colors from the same scene, and you can store up to 250 colors for future reference.

Some other features include the ability to copy the color values to your clipboard, a flashlight shortcut, and you can pause the image so you can use the app without messing up your shot. It’s cheap and easy to use as well.

Color Gear

Price: Free / $2.99

Color Gear screenshot 2022

Color Gear is another excellent app for color extraction. It has two main functions. The first is a color wheel that lets you pick colors directly from it. The other lets you input an image, and it’ll draw the colors out of it for your reference. The app also supports RGB and HEX color codes, a color editing tool, and more. You can save your palettes for future reference as well.

That’s about all the app does. It keeps things simple, and it’s reasonably easy to use. The premium version goes for $2.99 with no additional in-app purchases or subscriptions.

Color Grab

Price: Free / $2.49

Color Grab screenshot 2022

Color Grab does what the app title says. It lets you pull colors out of an image. The app also includes real-time color measurement, color recognition, a color blending tool, and more. You can even input things like a custom white balance to color correct what your camera sees. There is also support for six different color references and stuff like grayscale and more.

This one is a bit more powerful than some others on the list. Those looking for something like that can start here.

Color Harmony

Price: Free / $1.99

Color Harmony extracts colors from images. The app supports various color modes, including RGB, HSV, RAL, and CMYK. It uses those modes to help you find matching colors to the images you input in the app. There is also support for Adobe Photoshop Color Swatch, and it can create color palettes from any photograph.

It’s mostly useful for artists or interior designers, but you can use it for almost any color matching application. The app runs for $1.99, and that’s perfectly reasonable to us.

Color Muse

Price: Free / $9.99 per month (hardware costs extra)

Color Muse is something a little bit different. It’s an app that pairs with a piece of hardware to help you find the colors you’re looking for. The device is capable of recognizing 16,500 colors directly through the app. It connects to the device via Bluetooth, and the app helps control the hardware part of it.

In addition, the app can match whatever color you scan with 500,000 products online in similar colors. Other features include LCG, RGB, CMYK support, a color comparison tool, and you can find paint with the colors through the app.

The device starts at $59.99, and the app costs $9.99 per month. We don’t recommend this for anyone except professionals who can use this as a tax write-off.

Color Picker

Price: Free / $1.49

Color Picker screenshot 2022

Color Picker returns the list to app-only color matching apps. This one is actually pretty nice. You point the app to an image and then tell it to color-extract the portion you want. You can see how that looks in the screenshot above. From there, you can save the colors for future reference, tweak them to what you want, and see more data about the colors. It makes it pretty easy to match colors and keep track of colors you like.

There are also other tools like a color temperature meter to perfectly match the colors you need. Like most on the list, this one has a cheap price tag and no subscriptions.


Price: Free / Up to $4.62

Kolorette screenshot 2022

Kolorette is something a little bit different. It mimics the Material You theming found in Android 12 and 13. It’s a widget pack with things like a clock, a search bar, and others that match colors with your wallpapers. It can also export colors to other apps like Tasker or KWGT so that you can make your own custom widgets with the colors extracted from your wallpaper.

Apps like this shouldn’t be necessary once everybody gets on the Material You train, but until then, it’s a neat way to match your widgets to your home screen wallpaper.


Price: Free / Up to $3.99

Palette screenshot 2022

Palette is a simple but effective color matching app. You point it at an image, and the app automatically extracts all of the prominent colors from the image. It saves them in a palette that you can reference later. You can also take a photo through the app to achieve the same thing. There is also a favorite option to bring up photos with colors you like, support for hex values, and you can save your favorite colors for future reference as well.

The app is only 3MB in size, so it doesn’t take up a lot of space on your phone. Other apps have better UIs and more features, but this one is quick, easy to use, and it gets the job done reasonably quickly.


Price: Free / $3.99

Pigments screenshot 2022

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Pigments is one of the bigger color matching apps. It can generate whole color palettes with a single tap, and you can customize them from there. You can also create your own if you want to. Like most, it can extract colors from images, although you do need the premium version of the app to do it.

Some other features include a color blindness mode that simulates various types of color blindness, and various value supports like HEX, RGB, HSV, or CMYK. It focuses less on the color extraction part of things and more on the creation and customization of color palettes. We’re okay with that.

Price: Free / $1.99

Pixolor screenshot 2022

Joe Hindy / Android Authority

Pixolor does things a little bit differently than most of the others on the list. It puts a floating circle on your screen that can extract any color shown on the screen. It’s usable in web browsers and other apps, as well as your home screen, app drawer, and other places. You can copy the color value by sharing the app and selecting the “copy to clipboard” option.

The app was initially intended for other app developers to tweak the colors in their apps. However, it’s also usable to match the colors on basically anything on your phone.

There isn’t a lot wrong with it, and it does what it’s supposed to do. It’s also a unique way of tackling this sort of thing.

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