Celebrate the Release of ‘The Batman’ With up to 61% Off Caped Crusader Box Sets – CNET

Celebrate the Release of ‘The Batman’ With up to 61% Off Caped Crusader Box Sets – CNET

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After months of excruciating delays, Matt Reeves’ and Robert Pattinson’s highly anticipated The Batman is finally out in theaters. The explosive new film is only the latest chapter in the Caped Crusader’s story to hit the big screen, and to celebrate, Amazon is offering great deals on some of the character’s iconic predecessors. Today only, Amazon is offering up to 61% off a selection of Batman film collections to help you get prepared for the new release. 

No matter which Batman you prefer, there’s a collection for you at this sale. Including what many consider to be the greatest Batman films, Nolan’s grounded and gritty Dark Knight trilogy (starring Christian Bale) helped revitalize not only the character, but superhero movies as a whole. Right now, you can pick up the entire trilogy in stunning 4K UHD resolution for $40, down $31 from the original price. If you prefer a classic take on the World’s Greatest Detective, for $50 you can pick up the four-film collection that spans from 1989 to 1997, covering the Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer and George Clooney eras, on sale for $40 off.

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And, if the new film’s release has inspired you to delve deeper into the Dark Knight’s expansive 80-year history, you can pick up this comprehensive 18-film collection for just $34. As a lifelong Batman fan, this is absolutely the set I would recommend (and not just because it’s got the largest discount at $55 off). This box set collects all of the animated Batman films and offers you a chance to experience some of the most fundamental stories in the character’s history, including The Killing Joke, Mask of the Phantasm and The Dark Knight Returns.

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