Mercedes EQS Hit With Another Recall, This Time Over A Fire Risk

Mercedes EQS Hit With Another Recall, This Time Over A Fire Risk

The Mercedes EQS is off to a rocky start in the United States as the model is being recalled once again.

This time the recall is more serious as the company determined a handful of 2022 EQS’ may have an improperly secured ground connection on the front-left longitudinal member as well as an improperly secured electrical connection for the electric auxiliary heater in the engine compartment.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration noted incorrectly bolted ground connections could result in increased electrical resistance and this, combined with high electrical currents, increases the risk of a fire. They added an interruption with the ground connection could cause the left headlight to stop working, potentially in combination with other components.

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Thankfully, the fix is relatively easy as dealership technicians will check the connections and tighten them if necessary. This will be done free of charge and owner notifications are expected to be mailed on April 29th.

While recalls are never fun, this one is small as it only involves 24 vehicles. They include three EQS 450s, 16 EQS 450+’s, four EQS 580 4Matics, and one EQS 53 4Matic+.

Mercedes first became aware of the issue last October and two additional cases were discovered in November. This kicked off an investigation and changes to the production procedure. While the company didn’t receive any reports of problems in the field, they determined a “potential safety risk could not be completely ruled out and decided to conduct a recall.”

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