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Beyoncé performs during The Mrs. Carter Show World Tour in 2013.

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We’ve seen takeoffs on Wordle that focus on geography, Lord of the Rings lore and even NSFW, rude words.

Now there’s Heardle, which is like Wordle for your ears.

Players listen to a short audio clip and get six chances to guess what song it is. In the first round, the clip is only a second long, but more of the track is played as you burn through your chances (or skip a round).


Heardle randomly pulls songs from Soundcloud’s most-streamed tracks over the last decade.


In the final round, you get to hear a full 16 seconds of the song.

It’s a lot like Name That Tune, though the system autocompletes artist names and songs as you type.


Heardle gives you six chances to name a song and artist, playing a longer clip of the track with each wrong guess.

Dan Avery/CNET

It helps if you’re up on current pop music, as each Heardle is “randomly plucked” from a list of the songs most streamed on Soundcloud in the past decade, according to its developer, Omaske Studio.

You can play on your computer, phone or tablet but, like Wordle, it saves your streak only if you play on the same device each day. 

For music fans with more specific tastes, there’s Taylordle, where Swifties can guess at words relating to the Grammy-winning singer’s oeuvre. (Spoiler: Friday’s word, “seven,” is a song off Swift’s 2020 album Folklore.)

And Weezle, where players get six tries to guess a five-letter word from Weezer’s discography, launched Thursday.

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