Of Course It Was A Ford Mustang That Hit This Fence And Fled The Scene

Of Course It Was A Ford Mustang That Hit This Fence And Fled The Scene

A homeowner in the U.S. recently took to Reddit to help identify the make and model of a car that crashed into their fence and fled. Unsurprisingly, security camera footage from the house shows that the car in question was a Ford Mustang. Yes, surprisingly, yet another Mustang has crashed.

The low-resolution video shared to Reddit shows the front yard of the Redditor and in the corner of the picture, a dark blue Mustang. The driver of the Mustang can be seen stopping in the road and then making a left-hand turn onto the road where the house in question was located.

However, rather than making a safe turn, the driver of the Mustang hit the throttle and span up the rear wheels of the muscle car, sending it into a powerslide. For a second, it looks like the driver will be able to control the slide but that turns out not to be the case.

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After initially holding the slide, the driver appears to overcorrect, sending the Mustang directly into the fence of the homeowner. The driver of the Mustang then speeds away from the scene, showing absolutely no regard for the property that they just damaged.

It didn’t take long for fellow Reddit users to identify the car in question as either a 1999 or 2000 Ford Mustang painted in Bright Atlantic Blue. While the make and model of the car were quickly identified, it doesn’t appear as though the video quality is good enough for the license plate details to be determined.

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