How Much Power Does The Toyota GR 86 Actually Have?

How Much Power Does The Toyota GR 86 Actually Have?

The 2022 Toyota GR 86 is an excellent sports car that won’t break the bank and thanks to a new engine, it now offers up more power than its predecessor. But just how much power does it have?

Slotted beneath the skin of the new GR 86 is a 2.4-liter naturally-aspirated four-cylinder boxer with a claimed 228 hp and 184 lb-ft (249 Nm). As it turns out, those figures may be a little conservative based on the numbers recorded by this particular GR 86 during a series of dyno runs.

YouTube channel FTspeed recently got its hands on a 2022 GR 86 and headed to Paragon Performance to strap it down on the dyno to see just how powerful it is. The GR 86 in question had just 500 miles (~800 km) on the odometer at the time and a total of seven dyno runs were performed with the sports car.

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The figures are impressive. During the runs, the GR 86’s horsepower and torque figures slowly increased and in the final run it pumped out 215.54 hp and 170.87 lb-ft (231.7 Nm) of torque at the rear wheels. If you take into account drivetrain losses, it seems likely that the GR 86’s engine is actually producing more than 250 hp, rather than just shy of 230 hp.

In the video, the presenter notes that he tested his old Scion FR-S on the same dyno and it recorded 170.95 hp and 141.72 lb-ft (192 Nm) of torque at the wheels, meaning this new car has roughly 45 extra horses and around 30 lb-ft (40 Nm) of additional torque.

Sure, Toyota could have given the new GR 86 a turbocharged engine but doing so would have pushed its performance too closer to the Supra. Fortunately, many tuners are already working on turbocharger and supercharger upgrades for the new car that promise to push it to new heights.

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