Ford F-150 Lightning’s EPA-Estimated Ranges Confirmed, Some Better Than Expected

Ford’s electric F-150 Lightning is probably one of the most hotly anticipated pickup trucks of the year, but being an EV, one of the main things buyers have on their mind is range. Now ahead of its launch this spring, the Blue Oval has released the final EPA-estimated range specs for every version of their new electric pickup, and they all meet or exceed the already impressive targets.

Final EPA testing revealed that all the F-150 Lightnings fitted with the standard range (SR) 98 kWh battery keep the same 230-mile (370 km) range as the target. This applies to the Pro SR, XLT SR, and Lariat SR trims.

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It’s the models fitted with the extended range (ER) 131 kWh battery that actually see an increase in range. Rather than Ford‘s original target of 300 miles (483 km), the final EPA estimate is that these trucks will be able to travel 320 miles (515 km) on a single charge. This includes the Pro ER (Fleet Only), XLT ER, and Lariat ER trims. Additionally, the Platinum trim, which is fitted with the extended range 131 kWh battery but has less range, also sees its range increase from 280 miles (451 km) to 300 miles (483 km).

This all confirms what we saw on a leaked window sticker last week, but what’s key is that none of the trucks fall below Ford’s original targets. And seeing as people typically see different or sometimes better range in the real world compared to the EPA’s testing cycle, things could be looking good for Ford’s foray into the electric truck market.

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