This Is What $150 Million Worth Of McLaren F1s Look Like

The McLaren F1 is a true icon of the automotive world and at the recent Salon Retromobile event in Paris, roughly $150 million worth of F1s were in attendance.

Perhaps the most remarkable example there – if you can call a ‘regular’ McLaren F1 unremarkable – was the 1-of-3 F1 GT. The F1 GT stands out from all other iterations of the F1 due to its elongated tail and unique bodywork. This car is known as chassis 56XPGT and, as far as we can tell, is still owned by McLaren itself. It is rarely seen in public, although it was showcased at the Geneva Motor Show back in 2015.

Another F1 GT recently popped up on our radar, and more specifically the one owned by none other than the Sultan of Brunei, when it was seen getting loaded onto a plane destined for London.

Given that ‘regular’ McLaren F1 models are now trading hands for over $20 million, it seems inevitable that this F1 GT is worth significantly more than that.

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One of the other McLaren F1s displayed in Paris was the example once owned by George Harrison from The Beatles. The car is painted in a dark shade of purple and has a number of unique elements inspired by Hinduism.

Salon Retromobile also attracted a black F1, a silver F1, a road-legal F1 GTR, a white F1, and a pair of F1 GTR Long Tail race cars. Outside of official McLaren F1 owner gatherings that are occasionally held, it is very rare to see this many F1s all in the same location.

The last F1 that we know to have traded hands was finished in Creighton Brown and sold for $20.465 million at Gooding & Company’s Pebble Beach Auction last August. It had been driven just 390 km (243 miles) at the time of the auction.

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