Alfa Romeo MiTo Could Make A Comeback In EV Form

Alfa Romeo MiTo Could Make A Comeback In EV Form

Alfa Romeo is in the process of expanding its range with four SUVs and two sedans already confirmed by its CEO, Jean-Philippe Imparato. While there is no mention of a hatchback in Alfa Romeo’s future plans, a reborn MiTo supermini could return in EV form as the new entry point to the range.

The news was hinted at by Damien Dally, Alfa Romeo’s UK boss, who told Autocar: “The brand has a history of selling compact sporty cars, like the Alfasud, and it’s an interesting area of the market that’s high-volume and gives us a much wider offering. The Mito was a three-door car, but if it had had five doors, the market would have been so much bigger. The next step in the path to electrification is fully electric, and compact cars blend well with that and use the car that’s most suitable to your needs”.

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The Alfa Romeo MiTo was produced between 2008 and 2019, when it was discontinued without a planned successor. Initially, we thought that the upcoming small electric SUV rumored to be called the Brennero would take the role of the MiTo. While the UK boss’ comments could refer to the upcoming B-SUV, they could also hint at a direct successor to the supermini

Alfa Romeo has pledged to launch a new model every year which translates to eight new launches until 2030. Seven of them – the Tonale, the Brennero, the facelifted Giulia and Stelvio, two large SUVs, and a sedan flagship – have already been confirmed, leaving one space left for an extra model. Since a new Giulietta has been ruled out, the launch in question could be an electric MiTo, or the rumored GTV coupe.

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If the Alfa Romeo MiTo EV materializes, it will most likely be based on Stellantis underpinnings. The e-CMP platform is already used in the Peugeot e-208 and Opel Corsa-e while it will also underpin Fiat’s upcoming electric supermini in 2023, and the new Lancia Ypsilon in 2024. However, if the small Alfa arrives later than the aforementioned models, it could also use the evolved STLA Small architecture. This one is designed for models measuring between 3,500-4,200 mm (137.8-165.4 inches) long, with 37-82 kWh battery packs offering an electric range of up to 500 km (300 miles) and electric motors producing up to 241 hp (180 kW / 245 PS).

Another scenario is the utilization of the Fiat 500’s platform, which was developed back in the FCA days, although this sounds less likely to happen. What is for certain is that if a new MiTo arrives, it will feature a five-door bodystyle. After all, Alfa Romeo officials have admitted that the discontinued model’s three-door format had a negative effect on sales figures sacrificing practicality for sporty looks.

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