Blood Pressure Monitoring in Apple Watch Could Be Delayed Until 2024

Blood Pressure Monitoring in Apple Watch Could Be Delayed Until 2024

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In the past, reports have indicated that Apple could integrate blood pressure monitoring sensor into future iterations of the Apple Watch. Although a recent Bloomberg report corroborates this rumor, it adds that the company could delay the integration due to accuracy concerns discovered during development.

A report from Mark Gurman states that Apple has dedicated teams working on developing a high-accuracy sensor for detecting if an Apple Watch wearer has high blood pressure. He adds that the feature could become a key selling point for smartwatches in the future, but it “hasn’t been easy to master.”

The report says Apple is at least a couple of years away from launching the feature. Moreover, the launch timeline could even slip to 2025. The company is said to be running trials of the blood pressure monitoring sensor on its employees too. Gurman claims that in practice the sensor will not give users access to their systolic and diastolic readings used to monitor blood pressure. Instead, the sensor will warn potential patients with hypertension and high blood pressure about their ill health.

Along the sidelines, Apple is also said to be working on a technique for non-invasive blood sugar monitoring on the Apple Watch. The feature could be a blessing in disguise for diabetics, provided the iPhone maker is able to adequately address the concerns associated with the accuracy of the required sensors.

Gurman says that while these features are at least two years away from the debut, some other smaller improvements could be a part of watchOS 9 when it debuts at WWDC 2022 in June. The Apple Watch could gain a new feature-rich low power mode and much-needed updates to built-in watch faces. In the long term, Apple could integrate and expand more complex features such as atrial fibrillation detection and women’s health tracking in the Health app. According to the report, in the short term, the Health app could get better support for third-party glucose meters.

Do you think Apple will be able to nail the accuracy of blood pressure monitoring sensor for the Apple Watch? Share your comments with us in the comments section.

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