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Backup has arrived. Now collectors can get Optimus Prime’s self-transforming Trailer and Roller set.

Robosen Robotics

Last year, I experienced the greatest toy ever made. It was Optimus Prime, the leader of the Autobot faction of the Transformers. With my voice command, it came to life, transforming all by itself from a driving truck into a battle-ready bipedal robot — sound effects, original voice and all. 

Robosen Robotics — the creator of the mechanical marvel — is working with Hasbro to sell another limited batch of the collectible robot, priced at $750 and available at and And this time, fans can also buy another piece of Optimus Prime: his self-transforming trailer and drone vehicle, Roller. The Trailer and Roller set is sold separately, also for $750.

The Optimus Prime trailer doesn’t get a lot of attention in the original cartoons; our hero from Cybertron usually didn’t incorporate it in his regular battles once he left his semi-truck form. But when the trailer does get in on the transforming action, it unfolds open and pivots upwards to become a shield — and reveals some serious firepower with its own articulating sentry blaster. 


The trailer has its own self-transforming tricks, activated by voice command.

Robosen Robotics

Waiting for command inside the trailer is a remote-controlled six-wheeled vehicle called Roller, which acts as a drone for Optimus to use on missions. The trailer’s doors can swing open with a voice command to set Roller free to drive down a ramp and zip around.


“Roller, roll out!” is what I imagine Optimus would say in this situation.

Robosen Robotics

The impressive feat here is how Robosen has created three components to Optimus where each unit can be controlled and driven around by the same app — and the experience blends both phone controls with voice commands. Optimus in truck form can even attach to and tow his trailer with voice commands.

Robosen Robotics

Spike is ready for action.

Robosen Robotics

All that said, the Trailer set also comes with Spike, a little human sidekick.

Spike doesn’t have tech tricks. Spike is just an action figure. (Sorry, Spike.)

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