Death-Wish Dodge Viper Secures Pole Position While Racing No-Hood Acura Integra

Death-Wish Dodge Viper Secures Pole Position While Racing No-Hood Acura Integra

How’s your willpower? Can you hit the bar on a Friday night with buddies and only drink soda because you’re meant to be shaping up for summer? And presented with a stoplight and a hood-less Acura Integra in the next lane, could you resist showing him that he’s no match for your classic Dodge Viper RT/10?

We can’t comment on the diet resolve of the Viper driver in this video clip, but he didn’t think twice about trying to show the ratty Acura who’s boss. And for about three very brief seconds he really was bossing it, until he tried to fuse his V10 classic with a gigantic pole.

Filmed on the public road during a Dayton, OH, car meet, according to the blurb under the YouTube video, the footage starts with an immaculate-looking first-generation Viper rolling up at a stoplight next to a very scruffy Integra. The Viper driver looks to be about 20-30 years older than the guy and his girlfriend in the Acura, and both drivers try desperately hard to look relaxed and like they haven’t really noticed each other. Yeah, right.

When the light goes green the front-wheel-drive Teg does a great job of keeping up with the 8.0-liter, 400 hp (406 PS) Viper over the first few feet, but by the time the pair has crossed the intersection, the Viper has pulled ahead. And it’s a good job for the Integra driver that he has, because the Viper suddenly slews sideways right in front of the Acura, presumably as he changes to second gear, before slamming straight into a pole on the sidewalk.

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The crowd rushes up to get a good look at the carnage in time to see the dazed Viper driver slowly exit the wreck of his once beautiful car, and wander off into the crowd wondering how on earth he’s going to play this one out with his insurance company and the police that can only be moments away.

Would a bank of phone cameras at the side of the road waiting to catch your greatest error of judgment put you off showing off your car’s performance? Leave a comment and let us know.

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