Go read this article about how Samsung doesn’t fairly pay its web sales reps

Go read this article about how Samsung doesn’t fairly pay its web sales reps

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  • Samsung and partner company Ibbu only pay web sales reps on commission.
  • Recently, Samsung and Ibbu have been pushing reps to perform unpaid customer service tasks, too.
  • It appears Samsung is turning a blind eye to the problem.

Remember the Samsung Galaxy S22 launch earlier this year? When Samsung opened pre-orders for the phones at Samsung.com, the site became a glitch factory with customers, in many cases, unable to complete orders.

Many of those customers may have reached out to a Samsung web representative using the online chat tool. The people working these chats work underneath Samsung and Ibbu, which is a platform that facilitates web chat portals such as these. However, these workers are hired to do one thing: sell products. In fact, they only get paid if a customer they communicate with makes a purchase.

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Obviously, with the site glitching out, many of those reps ended up not being sales reps but instead customer support reps. However, they don’t get paid for that time because they don’t make sales.

According to a new investigative report from The Verge, this has been an ongoing and increasing problem. Samsung and Ibbu are pushing workers who only are there to earn sales commissions to do unpaid customer support work.

The report says Samsung is pushing all requests for comment on this situation to Ibbu, essentially trying to pass the buck. Technically, people who work with Ibbu are independent contractors and not Samsung employees, so Samsung is trying to distance itself from the situation.

The whole article is a great read and presents a very solid case that Samsung and Ibbu are abusing the time of what are essentially unpaid workers. Check it out at the link below.

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