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Ultimate Ears

Looking for comfortable earbuds that work well for music and gaming? If so, then grab a pair of UE Fits for $149 — an all-time low — using the code BESTDEAL during Ultimate Ears’ 24-hour sale. 

I tested these earlier this year and they officially took over as my official gaming earbuds. What makes these great is that they don’t hurt my ears. I’ve gone from large headphones to tiny earbuds for comfort in the past, and although those earbuds were nice, they would never stay in my ear and I’d have to continually push them in. But the UE Fits conformed to my ear, and stayed put.

The UE Fits come in three colors — black, cloud and dawn (lilac) — and can be paired to any device using the app for iOS and Android. They also come with a nice charging case that fits its sleek style. They have an eight-hour battery life and 20 hours with the case. 

One of the nicest things about these earbuds — especially when I compare them to the budget Tozo earbuds I had before — is that you don’t have to charge the UE Fits for a long time in order to use them. Charge them for 10 minutes and you’ll get about an hour of use. And if you’re anything like me when you immerse yourself in a game, you’ll appreciate that their sound packs a nice punch. Want more wireless earbuds options? Check out our lists of the best cheap true-wireless earbuds and best wireless earbuds.

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