The GMC Hummer EV Is Attracting Audi, Porsche And Tesla Owners

The GMC Hummer EV Is Attracting Audi, Porsche And Tesla Owners

The 2022 GMC Hummer EV is wonderfully ridiculous as it combines an electric powertrain with exhilarating performance, impressive off-road capability, and high-tech features such as Super Cruise.

That’s a winning combination and it’s attracting interest from the upper echelon of the market. During our recent test drive, GMC officials revealed approximately 23 percent of reservation holders have owned a premium electric vehicle from Audi, Porsche or Tesla.

Driven: The 1,000 HP GMC Hummer EV Pickup Is Wonderfully Ridiculous

Needless to say, those brands aren’t often cross-shopped with GMC and that’s a huge win for the automaker as they’re attracting upscale consumers with money to spend. In particular, approximately 20 percent of reservation holders are new to the brand while 70 percent are new to EVs altogether.

Furthermore, reservation holders seem keen to use their truck to its full potential. Over 80 percent said they plan to tow, off-road, or enjoy outdoor activities with their Hummer at least yearly, while over 30 percent plan to do so monthly. That’s a bit of a catchall category, but the Hummer EV Pickup has a towing capacity of 7,500 lbs (3,402 kg) and an Extract mode that provides 15.9 inches (404 mm) of ground clearance as well as approach, departure, and breakover angles of 49.7, 38.4, and 32.2 degrees.

The AT4 Sub-Brand Is Attracting Younger, Affluent Consumers

Besides talking about Hummer, GMC officials noted the AT4 sub-brand has been a hit with consumers. First introduced on the 2019 Sierra, the AT4 trim has expanded across GMC’s lineup and has attracted younger customers who are new to the brand. Buyers are also more affluent than those who typically purchase lower trims.

Approximately 50 percent of GMC buyers opt for the AT4 or Denali trim, so it comes as little surprise the company has introduced new AT4X variants that combine off-road features with upscale amenities. The 2022 Sierra AT4X will lead the way and it will be followed by the 2023 Canyon AT4X, which will be introduced this summer.

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