We asked, you told us: Here’s how important Gcam is to you when buying a phone

We asked, you told us: Here’s how important Gcam is to you when buying a phone

The Google Pixel 6 in an alley showing the camera app

Jimmy Westenberg / Android Authority

The Google Camera app adds a bunch of cool features to Pixel phones. It’s also been ported over to other devices unofficially and has modified versions that keep circulating around carrying features you only get on Google’s phones. So we wanted to know how important the app is for you when you’re buying a new phone. Do you consider it before you pick up a new device? Here’s how you voted in our poll.

Do you consider Gcam ports when buying a new phone?


Our poll shows that our readers are divided when it comes to the Google Camera app. GCam is one of many important considerations for a majority of the respondents (26.9%) when buying a smartphone.

Meanwhile, a close 24.8% of the voters feel that the app is good to have but not a must.

20.8% of our poll takers absolutely don’t care about Google’s camera app. It’s not surprising considering that it currently has a 2.2  rating on the Google Play Store with over 450,00 reviews.

Interestingly, 14.9% of the respondents were Pixel users. This means that they already have the official version of the Google Camera app on their phones.

Only 12.6% of our readers voted to say that GCam ports are essential to them and their primary consideration when buying a phone.

Your comments

Leif Shantz: Never really cared too much for it, I just use whatever camera app comes preloaded on the phone.

thesecondsight: Motorola and OnePlus budget phones have adequate cameras. However, Gcam pushes the camera hardware to the limit on both devices. It’s a game-changer for those who desire a phone which produces wonderful photos and doesn’t break the bank.

roaduardo: Smartphone cameras today are super duper enough for day-to-day use. Smartphone camera quality (for still images) have not been something I have to worry about for many years. Mobile video photography on the other hand, on Android devices, still has a long way to go to catch up to Apple (Samsung’s the closest).

Niky Tamayo: It’s sometimes better than the stock app in terms of color, but I totally prefer using pro mode and fixing things in post if they need fixing. Either way, I tend to pick phones based on camera quality, and phones that concentrate on that often have very good stock apps.

mattc: How is Gcam going to be better than the software created by the phone manufacturer?

Peter Balga: I’m just waiting for an Exynos S22 Ultra, does anyone know if a working GCam app? Coming from a Pixel device I’m concerned about shutter speed, the Samsung camera app always seems to struggle with moving objects.

No: My s20 instantly crashes any time I try and open a game port

Albin: I’m fortunate my current Moto (my first Level 3 Camera2 compliant, compare Pixel 3) phone supports several GCams, and that I was tipped off early on a good one. I like “manual” style apps when feeling “creative” but can’t beat GCam for simple point and click, especially when there’s nothing much to see on a sunny screen. The HDR+ is amazingly fast for handheld and produces better detail, even to 3x or so digital zoom than a single shot.

I got to like camera “mods” using Canon Powershot CHDK over a decade ago, which I have to say is a much better organized and coherent project organization than GCam, with a single website, detailed user manuals, and a thorough cooperative process for development and beta testing to finalize builds, really effectively covering the plethora of Powershot camera models. Much easier to find out if there is a working CHDK for the model, as compared with the freelancing collection of independent GCam developers, sort of a herd of cats by comparison. Good luck finding out if any new phone will support it.

Ahmad Danish: I used to use Gcam on my phone but then when I compare it with the stock camera it really shows a huge difference in detail Gcam is about 2MB while my stock cam is always 6+mb so I decide not to use Gcam anymore. My phone is Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite

David: I have a Xiaomi mi 10t 5g and the stock camera app is wonderful, I never thought of changing it.

Japes: First I was like wtf are Gcam ports. Is this a new hole in the phone… But then I realized Google cam. Haha no, I’ve looked into it but it’s definitely not a consideration when upgrading to a new phone.

Dani: I have used it so far of Huawei, and there is no GCam. The built-in camera is great for any occasion.

Lcd1701: This never made sense to me, and it’s always just Gcam ports that are largely mentioned. I don’t really see articles about Samsung or any other company’s cam ports. Using software not meant for your phone is asking for problems.

duckofdeath: The Google spambots were set to fill the internet with promotions this last year. I suspect there is more advertisement going on in internet comment sections these days than articles. Get fake interactions with people thinking they’re arguing with people and you get them talking about things you want to sell them.

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