This Unofficial 2024 Mugen Honda Integra Type R Render Looks Almost Perfect

This Unofficial 2024 Mugen Honda Integra Type R Render Looks Almost Perfect

This is an independent design from Jordan Rubinstein-Towler that is neither endorsed by nor related to Acura or Honda.

We, like so many others, were disappointed to see Acura revive the Integra name for a sedan that’s essentially a rebadged version of the Honda Civic Si. And, after seeing these renderings, we’re even more upset that Acura didn’t return the car to its two-door roots and build something like this.

These renderings come courtesy of Jordan Rubinstein-Towler who first released his stunning renderings of a new-age Honda Integra Type R back in August last year. He followed up these renderings in March with a slightly more premium variant fitting of the Acura badge and has now returned with an even more outlandish Honda Integra Type R, albeit this time modified by Mugen.

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The car retains the same overall shape as the model we’ve seen in the past, complete with a compact two-door profile that looks like a perfect mix between the DC2 and DC5-generations of the Integra. A host of Mugen parts then make the car really stand out.

At the front, the Integra Type R has been imagined with a striking splitter as well as aerodynamic vents and gills on either side of the bumper. The sports car also features a reshaped grille and has a small intake just below the hood. Speaking of the hood, it also features a prominent vent to extract hot air out of the engine bay.

Further adding to the aggressive looks of the car are flared wheel arches, striking side skirts, and gloss black Mugen wheels. Found at the rear is a towering wing that can have its angle of attack manually adjusted and a pronounced diffuser with a single tailpipe on the right side.

If a new Integra Type R was launched and looked like this, would you be lining up to buy one? We definitely would.

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