What Would You Do With Over 90,000 Spare Honda Parts Worth $1.75 Million?

What Would You Do With Over 90,000 Spare Honda Parts Worth $1.75 Million?

A warehouse in Amman, Jordan is looking to sell tens of thousands of spare Honda parts for the measly sum of $1.75 million. If you run a Honda workshop, this could be for you.

We recently came across this intriguing listing on eBay. We have no idea why the seller is parting ways with such a dizzying array of Honda parts, but the listing states that 76 per cent of the parts are for 1974-2000 model year vehicles while the remaining 24 per cent are for 2001-2015 Honda models.

The listing includes a link to a Dropbox folder that contains a 288-page document detailing every single part included in the auction, as well as the quantity of each part. The spare parts suit Honda Acty, Accord, City, Civic, Prelude, CR-V, Jazz, CRX, Pilot, Quintet, and Legend models.

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As you can probably imagine, the array of spare parts ranges from everything from dozens of timing belts to tiny O-rings, pistons, exterior parts, and key interior components. Photos shared in the listing show hundreds of parts stacked up on shelfs as far as the eye can see. There’s even a whole section of the warehouse filled with spare doors for various Honda models.

While the parts are currently located in Jordan, the seller says that shipping can be arranged at the buyer’s expensive.

Will anyone actually be willing to pay $1.75 million to clear this warehouse of all its spare Honda parts? It’s hard to know but it is a very big investment and would perhaps only make sense for someone who runs a Honda repair center or would perhaps look to acquire all of the parts and then hope to sell them individually for a profit.

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