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Upgrading your traditional thermostat to a smart thermostat is an easy way to save money on your energy bills. Amazon’s Smart Thermostat allows you to control the temperature of your home remotely, running the system when you’re on the way so that it’s comfortable when you arrive and limiting its use while you’re gone. Plus, the convenience of adjusting the temp without ever getting out of bed is unparalleled on chilly (or sweaty) nights. Amazon’s Smart Thermostat has matched its all-time lowest price with this latest sale, bringing the cost down to just $48. Normally it sells for $60, making this limited time deal a 20% savings. 

In her Amazon Smart Thermostat review, CNET’s Megan Wollerton said that it “offers the absolute best value of any smart thermostat out there today” — and that was at full price. At 20% off, that value rises even higher. The Smart Thermostat earned a CNET Editors’ Choice award, which is only given to products that deliver the absolute best value to most consumers.

There are two versions of the Smart Thermostat, one that comes with a C-Wire and one that works without one. The lower pricing of today’s deal is only available for the one that does not include a C-Wire adapter. You’ll want to use the on-page compatibility checker to see which of the two versions will work with your existing HVAC system.

This is marked as a “Limited Time Deal,” so we’re unsure just how long it will stick around at this price. If you’re looking for a smarter way to control the temperature of your home and want to save some cash in the long haul, be sure to grab one of these today.

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