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Glow Recipe

Are you a Glow Recipe skin care fan waiting for a deal? If so, Glow Recipe has a promotion on its latest product, the strawberry smooth bha-plus-aha salicylic serum. With a purchase of $60 or more, you’ll get one free mini version of this product through April 20.  

I’ve tried Glow Recipe’s strawberry smooth serum, but first here’s what to know about the deal itself. There are over 30 products available, including some products I’ve tested and purchased on my own such as the plum plump hyaluronic cream, banana souffle moisture cream, watermelon glow niacinamide sunscreen SPF 50 and the blueberry bounce gentle cleanser

The strawberry smooth serum is fortified with ingredients, including hyaluronic acid for moisture, salicylic acid that helps gets rid of blemishes and other ingredients that smooth out skin texture. What I liked about this product was that it brightened my blemishes and didn’t irritate or dry out my skin. While it took some time to see the effects, it did reduce my acne scars. The only negative (and it’s a minor one) is that the serum didn’t have a strong aroma in comparison with the brand’s other products. 

If you’re a fan of Glow Recipe, give this new serum a try and stock up on your favorite products, too.

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