iPhone SE 3 Sales Have Been Disappointing Carrier Stores in the US

iPhone SE 3 Sales Have Been Disappointing Carrier Stores in the US

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Analysts previously stated that the new iPhone SE 3 isn’t exactly selling like hotcakes. A recent report corroborates this observation and backs it up with data gathered from various carriers in the US. The iPhone SE 3’s dated design, lack of advertising, and stiff competition from flagship smartphones don’t seem to be helping matters.

Research firm Wave7 recently surveyed carrier stores in the US and summarized its findings, saying demand for the iPhone SE 3 “is weaker this year than it was for the previous iPhone SE. This information seconds older reports that indicate iPhone SE 3 demand is lower than Apple’s expectations.

The report notes that 56 percent of the carrier representatives who responded to the survey concurred that the iPhone SE 3 demand is weaker than the demand for its predecessor.” In fact, a Verizon executive told the research firm that “not many people know” the iPhone SE 3 even launched. On the other hand, 8 percent of the polled representatives opined that demand has improved.

Wave7 says the lack of awareness of the iPhone SE 3 launch can be attributed to very little marketing from Apple’s end. The firm says it is “unaware of any TV, radio, outdoor, or print advertising” for the latest budget iPhone. For instance, the launch video for the iPhone SE 3 is the only video about the device on Apple’s YouTube channel.

In the wake of the Peek Performance event, where the latest budget iPhone was released, Apple has shared several promotional videos for devices such as the iPad Air 5, but not for its new budget smartphone.

The iPhone SE 3’s lack of advertising isn’t helped by the dated design that has been carried forward from its predecessor. With a 4.7-inch display, it is also the smallest iPhone sold by the Cupertino giant. Some carrier store representatives told the research firm that the smaller display is a deal-breaker for some customers.

On the bright side, the firm’s report says some customers have started preferring the iPhone 11 and iPhone SE over Android rivals when purchasing from prepaid carriers such as Metro, Boost, and Cricket. However, the iPhone maker’s share in the prepaid market remains “low.”

Have you spotted an iPhone SE 3 in the wild? Why do you think it isn’t striking a chord with potential buyers? Let us know in the comments section below.

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