Wyze Launches a $70 Fingerprint Deadbolt Lock – CNET

A hand touching a smart lock

Wyze today launched a new deadbolt lock with fingerprint scanning and an attached keypad for $70. The Wyze Lock Bolt will include personalized codes, use history and automations via the Wyze app.

This isn’t Wyze’s first connected lock: In 2020, Wyze released its first deadbolt lock for $122 — though that one didn’t have fingerprint scanning, and it used a plug-in gateway to connect to your home’s Wi-Fi. This new Lock Bolt is $50 cheaper, but it doesn’t connect to Wi-Fi at all, instead using a Bluetooth connection to your phone for setup and maintenance.

Wyze is continuing to expand its already wide array of offerings, such as its recently launched gun safe, all of them unified by impressive affordability. The Lock Bolt is similarly wallet-friendly, hitting an under-$100 price tag in a category that often orbits $200.

But Wyze has also been in the news recently due to a report from security research company Bitdefender. The company alerted Wyze in 2019 of a vulnerability that would allow hackers to access footage from the Wyze Cam v1, and Wyze failed to disclose the vulnerability to users until 2022.

The Wyze Lock Bolt is available for purchase now.

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