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Apple has released a new iPad Air, which means significant discounts are rolling out for the previous model. During its “Peek Performance” event in March, the company announced an all-new iPad Air 2022 to replace the iPad Air 4, which had been on the market for about two years. The newest model dropped at the Apple Store and other retailers March 18, but right now you can save $150 off the 256GB version of the fourth-generation iPad Air at Amazon, meaning you can pick one up today for just $600.

Part of the savings for this deal is an on-page discount, which automatically applies when you add the iPad Air to your cart and head to the checkout page. Previous versions of these at-checkout discounts have often not lasted long, so you may not want to wait too long before deciding whether this is the iPad for you. 

The new iPad Air uses Apple’s M1 chip and has a new front-facing camera along with an optional 5G connection if you opt for cellular connectivity. Unless you plan to be doing resource-intensive activities on your iPad, like heavy games, photo editing and the like, the previous-gen iPad Air is likely more than enough for you. It’s great for games, video chats, web browsing, social media, document creation and more. There are great keyboard attachments available, and you can pair it with a discounted Apple Pencil to take your experience to the next level.

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