ThermoPro Meat Thermometers Are at All-Time Low Prices Right Now – CNET


There is a profound sadness that comes with overcooking a good piece of meat. And undercooking certain meats can be downright dangerous. Let’s just cook them the right amount, shall we? That’s easier said than done, especially when you’re experimenting with new types of meat and different cuts. A meat thermometer is unquestionably the easiest way to ensure your steak and salmon aren’t overcooked and your poultry and pork aren’t undercooked. 

Right now, a handful of ThermoPro meat thermometers are at the lowest price we’ve ever seen on Amazon. Those on sale include the popular Thermocouple probe thermometer that’s down to $34 (normally $80) while the fancy wireless Bluetooth-connected thermometer with two probes is down to $32 (normally $50). The latter is great for slow cooking and BBQ since you can leave the probes in and monitor progress from your phone. 

Shop the full one-day flash sale here and never overcook those meats again. 

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