Overconfident Teen Drives Honda CR-V Directly Into Light Pole

Overconfident Teen Drives Honda CR-V Directly Into Light Pole

Testing out a vehicle’s handling characteristics and improving your driving skills in an empty parking lot isn’t a bad idea. However, doing those things in a parking lot littered with light poles is just asking for trouble.

This clip was first posted to TikTok but has since been re-shared to Reddit. It shows a young man (who appears to be a teenager) carelessly driving a Honda CR-V around the parking lot, swerving in between poles and pushing the SUV into understeer at every possible opportunity.

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Evidently, the driver doesn’t have all that much experience behind the wheel and at one stage, accidentally flicks on the windshield wipers while likely fighting at the wheel in order to keep the SUV under control.

That doesn’t dissuade him, however, as he then decides to speed past the individual filming and begins to turn aggressively to the left. The Honda immediately encounters a huge dose of understeer and unable to control it, ends up driving directly into one of the light poles.

It appears that the impact was quite severe and it immediately set off the SUV’s airbags. We can also see that it crushed the front of the Honda, inevitably destroying the bumper, grille, headlights, and the hood. There’s a good chance the damage is bad enough for the car to be declared a total loss by its insurer.

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