What If Ferrari Made A Track-Only Roma XX?

What If Ferrari Made A Track-Only Roma XX?

The following story includes independently made renderings of a hypothetical track-only Ferrari Roma by  Magnus Concepts who is neither related to nor endorsed by Ferrari.

Ferrari needs a new track-only ‘XX’ branded model and after seeing these renderings, we think the front-engined Roma could serve as the perfect basis for such a car.

In total, Ferrari has produced six XX models over the years, consisting of the FXX, FXX Evo, 599XX, 599XX Evo, FXX-K, and the FXX-K Evo. While we don’t have any insider information to suggest that a new model is being developed, CarScoops reader and designer Magnus Concepts has created some excellent renderings of a Roma XX that perfectly fits the bill.

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To transform the Roma into a track model, Magnus has overhauled the front fascia with a new bumper, grille, and a massive carbon fiber splitter. The Roma has also been fitted with a distinctive hood to aid in aerodynamics and the headlights have been tinted yellow.

Look at the sides of the concept and you will notice a new of center-locking wheels with Pirelli slick tires. The Roma XX also sports new aerodynamic skirts and modifications have also been made to the three-quarter windows. As is fitting for any XX model, the most significant upgrades have been made at the rear where there is now a towering wing with carbon fiber endplates. Rounding out the modifications is a carbon fiber diffuser.

Were such a model to become a reality, Ferrari could also massage the 3.9-liter twin-turbocharged V8 so it pumps out a touch more than the 612 hp and 561 lb-ft (761 Nm) of torque than the street-legal model.

For as cool as this Roma XX looks, we’d be surprised if Ferrari decided to turn the Roma into an XX model and if a new XX is in the works, it would most likely be based on the 296 GTB or the SF90 Stradale.

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