Florida Porsche 911 Driver Weaving Through Traffic Loses It And Crashes

Florida Porsche 911 Driver Weaving Through Traffic Loses It And Crashes

Most of us have done questionable things behind the wheel of a car from time to time but the person behind the wheel of this older-generation Porsche 911 made a bunch of bad choices in a very short period of time. Florida State Highway Patrol has now seen the video and is still investigating the incident after the driver abandoned the sports car.

The accident took place on Wednesday, April 20th, between Maitland and Altamonte Springs in Florida on I-4. In the film, we can see the 996-gen Porsche 911 blow the doors off of the car with the dashcam before nearly sideswiping the k-rail. At that point, it looks like the Porsche driver might save the car but alas, that’s not what happens.

After completing a 360-degree spin at highway speeds and seemingly getting the vehicle back under control, it looks like the driver stays on the throttle, loses control completely, and despite some opposite lock, goes headlong into the barrier.

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Witnesses reported to the local FOX news affiliate that the Porsche had been street racing and while we certainly can’t confirm that at this point, it’s worth noting that a modified Honda Civic Type R does zoom up on the shoulder behind the Porsche not long after it comes into the frame. In fact, the Honda nearly crashes into another vehicle as the Porsche is spinning out that was stopped on the side of the road.

“There were two people in the Porsche and they’re both OK,” said Adam Ibrahim, the person who recorded the incident with his dash cam, in an interview with Fox News. “In fact, they were almost smiling. I guess they didn’t realize what just happened.”

The 911 driver is so close to saving this 996 that it’s just all the more depressing when he drives it into the wall at the end. Apparently, after first losing control, the person behind also lost their cool even when the car slowed down to manageable levels.

The poor choices didn’t stop at street racing with lots of other cars around or failing to stop the car without running it into a concrete barrier though. Witnesses also report that the driver somehow limped the 996 to a nearby fuel station and then ditched the car altogether.

“A witness called in and told us where we can find the Porsche at the Race Track on Lee Road, but no driver and nobody was around,” Lt. Kim Montes, a spokeswoman for Florida Highway Patrol, told the news station.

What a horrible way to ruin an otherwise clean-looking 911 and what might’ve been a clean criminal record before this.

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