Get Up to 40% Off Eero Wi-Fi Routers, Extenders and Mesh Systems – CNET

A 3-piece Eero Pro Tri-Band mesh Wi-Fi 6 system is displayed on a three-tier shelf.

Many aspects of our daily lives now rely on access to the internet. Whether you work from home, take online classes, stream movies and TV shows, game online, stay in touch through video chat, create content or have other online hobbies, you need a home network that can handle all that traffic. Right now Amazon has Eero mesh Wi-Fi routers, extenders and systems on sale starting at $62. 

Dead spots and buffering around your home can get frustrating, particularly if you’re trying to use multiple devices at once. There are a range of products available, with the Eero Pro 6 covering up to 6,000 square feet and support for 75 or more connected devices. 

That may be overkill if you live in a smaller space with fewer devices, but even the cheapest stand-alone mesh Wi-Fi router will provide up to 1,500 square feet of reliable coverage. Setup for any of these devices takes only minutes and automatic updates will keep your network safe and secure. Plus, you can easily expand your system with additional Eero products as your needs change and evolve thanks to cross-compatibility hardware.  

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