What Are Your Thoughts On Two-Tone Paint Schemes?

What Are Your Thoughts On Two-Tone Paint Schemes?

Last week, the new Lexus RZ 450e and BMW M760e were unveiled and while the duo don’t have much in common, one thing they do share are optional two-tone paint schemes. That got us thinking, are two-tone paint schemes something that car enthusiasts love or loath?

Vehicles with two-tone paint are nothing new. In fact, two-tone paint was particularly popular through the 1950s with the likes of Buick, Chevrolet, Plymouth and many others offering customers the option of two-tone paint, often combining a bright color with white accents.

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In more modern times, the most common type of two-tone paint you’ll see on a car is a gloss black roof that contrasts with the rest of the bodywork. The Lexus RZ 450e expands upon this philosophy with not only a black roof and C-pillars that contrast the rest of the bodywork, but also with a black-painted hood and black fender flares. Similarly, the entire top half of the M760e is painted in a different color to the rest of the car.

Luxury car manufacturers are particularly fond of two-tone designs. Take Bentley, for example. Any of the automaker’s current models can be ordered with two-tone paint which, like the Lexus and BMW, usually consist of a hood, pillars, and roof that contrast the rest of the body.

Bugatti is also a huge fan of two-tone paint schemes. In fact, a large percentage of Veyrons produced over the years have been ordered like this and it is an option that has continued to prove popular for the Chiron. Mercedes-Benz has also dipped its toe into this world with a particularly striking two-tone design for its Maybach S-Class models.

Of course, you don’t need to spend six or seven figures to enjoy the look. Much cheaper vehicles like the Hyundai Venue, Nissan Kicks, and Kia Soul also offer eye-catching two-tone designs that make a real impression on the road.

So tell us, what do you think about the revival of two-tone paint schemes these days?

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