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Bill Nye sits at a desk and looks into the camera as he teaches a Masterclass course.

Seeking new skills or exploring existing interests? Whether you want to learn about filmmaking, fashion, gardening, business, the culinary arts, writing or something else, MasterClass overs over 150 classes across 11 categories. Train under world-renowned experts with specializations in their industries like Shonda Rhimes, Bill Nye, Neil Gaiman, Malala Yousafzai, Neil deGrasse Tyson and more. 

A MasterClass family subscription allows unlimited access for up to six devices at the same time, letting you learn by yourself or share with friends and family who live with you. All plans are currently available at only $180 for an annual membership, meaning you can save up to 35% off the regular cost, whether you’re an individual, a duo or a whole family.  

You can access MasterClass on your computer, TV, phone or tablet. Each plan includes bonus class guides and content and access to Sessions, which are 30-day step-by-step guides with hands-on instructions so that you can learn by doing. The duo and family plans allow you to download classes for offline viewing, too.

Whether you’re taking the same MasterClass course as your partner or the rest of your family, or you’re all going for a host of different ones, it’s the perfect learn-along adventure for you and the people you live with and love to learn with. 

Speaking of, sharing the chance to learn and explore new topics makes a fantastic and unique Mother’s Day gift. You can even invest in two subscriptions so that you can learn together long-distance, similar to a book club. If you’ve been itching to expand your knowledge in an area, or just want to discover something new and interesting, this deal makes it easy to get the whole family to jump into learning. Note that this subscription will renew automatically each year unless you cancel.

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