Volta Zero Electric Truck Gains New Smaller 7.5-Tonne and 12-Tonne Variants

Volta Zero Electric Truck Gains New Smaller 7.5-Tonne and 12-Tonne Variants

Volta Trucks revealed two smaller 7.5- and 12-tonne variants of the Volta Zero electric truck, which join the 16-tonne model and the upcoming 18-tonne truck.

Visually, both the 7.5-tonne and the 12-tonne Volta Zero are closely following the lines of their 16-tonne sibling, since all of them were penned by Astheimer Design. They retain the same cabin layout with a low and central seating position, sliding doors, and a panoramic view of 220 degrees thanks to the large glass areas. Safety features include mirror-replacing cameras, a 360-degree birds-eye view camera, and blind-spot warning.

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The 16-tonne Volta Zero (below) compared to the smaller 7.5-tonne variant (above).

The new versions of the Volta Zero have a shorter chassis length, smaller rear overhangs, and a slightly tweaked cargo space cover while retaining the same aerodynamic principles as the larger trucks. Predictably, the 12-tonne has a longer chassis and body than the 7.5-tonne, with dualies on the rear axle to support the extra payload. Volta Trucks didn’t specify the specs of the smaller variants, or how do they compare with the 16-tonne Volta Zero which is offering an advertised electric range between 150 – 200 km (95 – 125 miles).

The 7.5-tonne and 12-tonne Volta Zero will start customer trials in 2024, with series production following in early 2025. Volta Trucks wants to sell more than 27,000 EVs per year by 2025 and further increase production later on. Mind you, deliveries for the 16-tonne Volta Zero will start in mid-2022, with the production of the larger 18-tonne model to commence in mid-2023.

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