V8-Powered Batman Tumbler Replica Has A $399,000 Price Tag

The Tumbler first featured in 2005’s Batman Begins is one of the most recognizable versions of the Batmobile and has also become one of the most popular for enthusiasts to replicate. One such replica is currently up for sale.

This particular Tumbler has been listed for sale through Exotic Car Trader and is currently located in Kazakhstan of all places. The listing doesn’t detail the build process that went into making this Tumbler replica a reality, nor is there any mention of whether it is based around a standard production car or was built from the ground up. Whatever the case may be, it looks pretty wild.

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Much like the real Tumbler from Batman, this replica has two wheels at the front end and four wheels at the rear. The front tires are Mickey Thompsons while those at the rear are more off-road oriented. The distinctive bodywork is finished in matte black to give the vehicle a very mean and purposeful look.

Speaking of the bodywork, it was likely crafted entirely by hand and does an excellent job of mimicking the real thing. Sure, the parts don’t appear to be quite as intricate as the movie car but crafting these panels, likely from hand, would not have been easy.

A look inside the cabin of the Tumbler replica shows a simple dashboard with two screens in place of traditional wing mirrors as well as a third screen for the rear-view camera. There are also some simple gauges and switches to control the vehicle and there’s even a tire pressure monitoring system.

Found beneath the skin is a naturally-aspirated Toyota V8 coupled to an automatic transmission powering the four rear wheels. No mention is made about how fast the car is but given its size and inevitable heft, we wouldn’t expect it to be particularly quick.

As for the price? Well, this Tumbler replica will set you back an eye-watering $399,000.

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