This Is How You Dry Ice Blast Years Of Dirt Off A Porsche 911 Before Selling It On BaT

There’s something oddly satisfying in watching something very dirty become very clean – especially when you aren’t the one cleaning it. And the new hotness in the world of media blasting is dry ice.

The latest example of the cleaning medium comes from the ‘I AM Detailing’, which used the process to clean up a 993-generation Porsche 911 convertible in a video it posted to YouTube. The team writes that it was cleaning the car before it goes up for sale on Bring a Trailer.

A method of cleaning used by the U.S. since 1945, dry ice blasting is ideal for preserving historic machines because of the non-abrasive nature of dry ice and the lack of secondary waste. In fact, besides becoming more common in the automotive world, it was also used during the conservation of the USS Monitor warship.

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Its ability to clean both rubber, plastic, and steel as well as its ease with complex shapes make it ideally suited to cleaning the underside of this Porsche. You can see the suspension go from pretty decent to fresh as new in this video with the cleaner capable of going from suspension elements to bushings to the exhaust piping.

The cleaner then moves on to the wheels and even cleans the gas cap and the plastic rear window on this convertible 911. The rest of the body, meanwhile, gets a more traditional buffing and polishing.

The car looks remarkably clean after this video and it might be a better ad for this vehicle than the BaT listing, which as this is written appears not to have gone live yet. With prices for 993-generation 911s easily rising into the hundreds of thousands of dollars on the platform, though, it seems likely that this will have been money well spent.

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