Google and BTS Team Up on Search Fun for Army Day – CNET

Google is celebrating the anniversary of one of the biggest fanbases in the world, the BTS Army. The search giant teamed up with band BTS to create some special treats for the fans. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, BTS is a seven member K-pop supergroup with some incredibly dedicated fans. The Army celebrates the anniversary of its group on July 9. 

The first bit of fun is a Search easter egg. Searching for “BTS” will bring up a purple, heart-shaped balloon. Clicking on the balloon yields special messages from members of the band. 

“BTS has such a positive energy, and we wanted to bring a bit of that to Search,” said Elissa Wolff, Google’s lead delight features engineer. 

Google-owned YouTube and BTS also just closed out a monthlong challenge where fans could share special memories about the band on YouTube Shorts. These shorts will be made into a compilation video that’ll be posted on the band’s YouTube channel. 

Another part of the celebration is a collaboration with Google Arts and Culture called BTS x Street Galleries. The experience lets fans explore cities and buildings that hold special meaning to BTS members. At each of these locations, fans will be able to create a Street Gallery with works curated by members of the band. 

This celebration follows the band saying last month that they’ll be taking a hiatus to focus on their solo careers. 

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