The VW Multivan Is Out Of Its Comfort Zone In The Moose Test

The VW Multivan Is Out Of Its Comfort Zone In The Moose Test

The Volkswagen Multivan is a big, cumbersome van with a high center of gravity and as such, it isn’t the most agile thing on four wheels. This is perfectly demonstrated in this recent video from KM77.

For this particular test, KM77 brought along the eHybrid variant of the Multivan. This model features a 1.4-liter TSI engine coupled to an 85 kW electric motor and a 13 kWh battery pack. It was also equipped with Bridgestone Turanza T005 tires at all four corners.

KM77 initially tried to run the moose test at an ambitious 77 km/h (47.8 mph) and unsurprisingly, the van failed miserably. While the driver was able to negotiate a part of the test, the rear-end of the VW quickly stepped out and he was unable to maintain control of it.

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Interestingly, the publication then changed drivers and with a new driver, the Multivan performed slightly better. KM77 suggests this is because the new driver was more abrupt in turning the steering wheel, immediately activating the stability control system and prompting the brakes to kick into action to start slowing the van.

A handful of other tests were performed with the Multivan but it again failed at speeds of both 74 km/h (45.9 mph) and 73 km/h (45.3 mph). The best pass was completed at 69 km/h (42.8 mph), which is 1 km/h faster than a Ford Tourneo Custom that was recently tested. Despite this, the tester notes that the Ford handled in a more predictable way.

A slalom test was also performed. The VW performed reasonably well, finishing with a time of 26.5 seconds, slightly quicker than SAIC’s Euniq 5 EV van.

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