Hot-Headed Norwegian Flips G-Wagen Onto Roof In Scandi Road-Rage Attack

Hot-Headed Norwegian Flips G-Wagen Onto Roof In Scandi Road-Rage Attack

The original tough-as-nails Mercedes G-Wagen is the kind of SUV that would make you feel pretty invincible. But this road-rage video from Scandinavia proves it’s no match for a little Mercedes B-Class when the driver has a big temper.

The YouTube video was shot in Norway and shows a mid-2000s B-Class repeatedly steering into the side of the G-Wagon until the high-sided SUV is forced into a 270-degree spin before toppling over and landing on its roof.

Unusually, we get to see the incident both from the viewpoint of a car following behind and also from inside the B-Class via the passenger’s smartphone camera, and presuming this footage is going to end up in the hands of the Norwegian police if it hasn’t already, then things aren’t looking good for the B-Class driver.

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After showing us the main smash from behind, and also from the B-Class, where we see the female driver race up behind the G-Wagen then aggressively steer into the side of it, the footage rewinds a couple of minutes. Initially it looks like the B-Class driver is just being a douche and trying to aggressively drive round the slower SUV. She drives into the back of the G-Wagen hard enough that bits fall off her car, without inflicting any damage on the off-roader.

She then tries to sideswipe the G-Wagen before pulling ahead, then attempts to block the road. Moments later the SUV is on its roof and the B-Class has disappeared into the distance. We see examples of road rage all the time but it’s hard to think of a possible reason why the B-Class driver would be prepared to take things so far. Until we get to the end of the video, that is, where text on the screen claims that the occupants of the G-Wagen had minutes earlier been burning a copy of the Koran in an immigrant neighborhood to provoke a reaction.

We can’t be sure if that’s true, but it does help to explain the B-Class driver’s rage. Whether the judge will consider it ample explanation remains to be seen. More text at the end of the video claims that the B-Class driver was quickly caught by the police and arrested, and that no one in the G-Wagen was seriously injured.

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