New Study Finds More Than A Third Of Americans Are “Seriously Considering” An EV Purchase Or Lease Soon

New Study Finds More Than A Third Of Americans Are “Seriously Considering” An EV Purchase Or Lease Soon

Thirty-six percent of Americans in a recent survey said that they are at least seriously considering buying or leasing a new all-electric vehicle soon. That statistic is just one of many that highlight the changing attitudes towards electrified vehicles in America. The rest of the data seems to indicate that the transition to sustainable energy might happen even faster than previously thought.

In the survey conducted by Consumer Reports, 8,027 individuals shared their thoughts on electric vehicles and the topics surrounding them. Among that 36 percent, 14 percent said that they would “definitely buy” an EV while the other 22 percent said they would “seriously consider” it. In 2020, only 4 percent in a similar study said that they would “definitely buy” an EV.

That number is one of quite a number that clearly signals a shifting of opinions on EVs. For example, four in 10 Americans (44 percent) have seen an EV in their neighborhood over the last month and seven in 10 say that the issue of climate change is important to them. Despite the progress, it seems as those data proves that there’s a lot more room for growth.

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Almost half of the individuals surveyed (46 percent) didn’t know anything about EV incentives that could include not just dealer rebates but tax breaks as well. In addition, charging logistics remains as the biggest barrier for most individuals interested in an EV. Of course, infrastructure for EVs is improving all of the time.

Just two days ago we reported on an announcement from the White House regarding a huge investment toward EV charging infrastructure taking place across the nation. Included in that package is the goal of adding a quarter of a million chargers to the network each year. If the public becomes more aware of incentives and how much charging infrastructure is growing, it could speed up adoption.

It’s not all rosy of course, as 28 percent of individuals said that they simply wouldn’t consider buying an electric vehicle. Right in the middle of those folks and the ones sure of buying one, 35 percent said that they “might consider” an EV. What about you? Where do you fall on the subject of buying or leasing an EV?

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