Owners Of Jaguar E-Type 60 Collection Edition Tributes Treated To Historic And Luxurious Geneva Drive

Owners Of Jaguar E-Type 60 Collection Edition Tributes Treated To Historic And Luxurious Geneva Drive

Jaguar Classic announced in 2020 that it would restore six pairs of E-Types to honor the cars that were first shown to the world at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961. Now, those factory restored cars have recreated the legendary drive that made the E-Type a star.

The cars were known as 9600 HP and 77 RW, and the first, an Opalescent Gunmetal Grey fixed-head coupe, was driven “flat-out” to the 1961 Geneva Motor Show where it was shown off to the public for the first time.

Interest was so high in the car that Jaguar decided to send 77 RW, a British Racing Green roadster, to the show as well, in order to allow more customers to take test drives. Whereas the 9600 HP had been driven by Bob Berry, Jaguar’s PR manager, the second car was driven by Norman Dewis, the company’s test and development engineer.

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Dewis drove the 1,019 miles (1,640 km) from Coventry, U.K., to Geneva, Switzerland in just 11 hours – a journey that even on today’s 730-mile [1,175 km] highway route should take 12-and-a-half hours, according to Google. But Dewis’ speed was worthwhile because Jaguar left the show with more than 500 orders.

“Bob [Berry] and Norman’s [Dewis] epic journey to Geneva has gone down in automotive history and we thought it only right that the owners of the E-type 60 Collection were given the chance to build their own memories,” said Emma Style, Jaguar Classic’s head of commercial.

Naturally, the owners of the recently-restored tributes to those cars, the Jaguar E-Type 60 Collection that were sold in pairs, were allowed to complete the drive at a more leisurely pace. Over four days, the driver were treated to stays at luxury resorts and châteaux and were gifted luxurious treats.

On the first night, the drivers were allowed to stop at the Monkey Island Estate in Bray-on-Thames, where Sir Stirling Moss grew up. The second night stopover was at Montrueil-sur-Mer on the Opal Coast. Specifically, they stayed at Château Montreuil, which was built in the 1930s and has played host to stars like Sir Roger Moore, Whitney Houston, and even the British Royal Family.

On the third day of the trip, the Jaguars headed for the Champagne region and stayed in a 17th century castle. The fourth and final day involved the most driving and the owners finished it in Geneva, where the E-Type was originally shown off.

In addition to the luxurious accommodations, participants were also given facemasks made out of surplus leather and fabric left over from the creation of the E-Type 60 Collection. Bennett Winch, meanwhile, provided custom luggage, to name just a few of the special treats given to Jaguar’s customers. It just goes to show how much special treatment the owners of these highly expensive creations get.

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