Apple to Delay Rollout of iPadOS 16 Until October, Report Says – CNET

Apple fans are gearing up for the public release of iOS 16, expected in September. But iPad owners may have to wait a bit longer. The tech giant is expected to delay the release of iPadOS 16 by about a month to give developers time to iron out bugs, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. 

If accurate, this would mark the first time in years that iPadOS and iOS haven’t been launched in tandem. The latest versions of the operating systems were announced earlier this year at WWDC.

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The new iPadOS 16 update includes Stage Manager, a feature that allows users of the newest M1 iPad Pro to multitask, resize windows and drag multiple apps at a time. But according to Bloomberg, people who downloaded the available beta version of iPadOS 16 found Stage Manager to be buggy with a confusing interface. 

The delay could mean the updated operating system will launch alongside the rumored M2 iPad Pro, which could be coming in the fall.

Apple didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. 

More to come.

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