The Rumor Mill Just Churned Out An All-Electric Corvette Sedan

The rumor mill is always working in the car world and today it’s produced a riff off of some old news. We’ve heard for quite some time that there might be a new Corvette-badged all-electric four-door in the works for some time. What we’re hearing today though is that it’ll be in the form of a sedan first before an SUV follows soon after.

The folks over at Muscle Cars And Trucks say that General Motors is banking on the Corvette brand to sell a new EV performance sedan by 2025. They say that it’ll be aimed squarely at cars like the Porsche Taycan and we can see how a Corvette badge would feel a lot more fitting than a Camaro one.

At the same time, that would mean that the rumors of a Camaro EV performance sedan that have been swirling as late as this very week would be completely incorrect. Whatever Chevrolet ends up calling the car in question, it’ll obviously need to be priced in a competitive way and again, the Corvette name could reel in more dollar bills than the Camaro.

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Either way, it still sounds like the Corvette SUV is coming. Back in January, we told you about how rumors at the time were pointing to a special Project R or Brand R program inside of Chevrolet that was working on several Corvette-brand concepts. An SUV is almost certainly going to come out of that project but whether it’s aimed at the Mustang Mach-E or something much more expensive is yet to be seen.

Again, to be clear, this is all just speculation right now until we get something more concrete to go off of like an official statement or leaked documents.

The company has released the top-end model of the Hummer EV first while also selling the Bolt EUV with wildly enticing incentives. What they’ll end up doing we just can’t know for sure just yet.

How would you feel about a full Corvette sub-brand with a performance sedan, a performance SUV, and maybe more? Would you prefer that to end up being a Camaro-based product instead? GM’s Ultium platform should be flexible enough to do just about anything the brand needs it to.

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