Here’s All You Wanted To Know About The All-New 2023 Lexus RX

Here’s All You Wanted To Know About The All-New 2023 Lexus RX

Lexus has launched its all-new RX SUV and we’ve driven it. Gone is the V6 of RXs past and in its place is a turbocharged and hybridized four-cylinder engine. Despite that sounding like a potential disappointment, we’re quite impressed by the new 2023 Lexus RX.

Before getting our seat time in the latest version of the RX we asked you what you wanted to know. Here’s a deeper dive into all of the minutiae that we couldn’t fit into the review but that you wanted to know about.

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How effective is the lane-centering assist?

It’s fine but we’ve experienced a number of cars that do it better. The RX will keep you in the middle of the lane but in our time with it, it tended to wander around in the lane just a touch more than expected. At the same time, it’s worth noting that it didn’t feel unsafe or dangerous at all.

How good is the four-cylinder engine in all aspects (noise, power, smoothness)?

We think this is unquestionably the best-driving Lexus RX ever made. It’s sharper and smoother than before. The engine’s responsiveness depends on which trim one gets through. For example, the 350h isn’t very snappy. On the other hand, the RX500h is pretty quick for a hybrid crossover like this.

What are the options with the LED lighting (different colors / rotation)?

Lexus says that there are 64 different ambient light colors to choose from. Of those 64, there are 14 different themes that meld a selection of those colors to “match a driver’s mood and energy.” Colors change automatically when one of those themes is selected.

Do you feel a lot of heat coming off the panoramic roof (would it be better just to get one with a sunroof only in a hot place like AZ)?

We never experienced super-high temps during our time in the RX so that might have had some effect but it wasn’t a bother to us. It seems like a bit of a missed opportunity that Lexus didn’t include the “Instant Opaque” panoramic roof from the Toyota Venza just in case though.

Is the center driver display with the speedometer switchable like in previous models (to show compass direction, tire pressure, miles to empty, music information, etc)?

Yes. However, it’s worth noting that Lexus doesn’t allow you to configure the screen anywhere as much as many rivals. Only the lower center part of the screen is configurable.

How does the “kick to open” rear liftgate work?

This feature worked exactly as intended for me. Granted, I have size 13 feet and didn’t have my arms full as most using this feature might but on three attempts, the tailgate opened each time. It’s worth noting that it opens pretty fast so it’s important to swipe your leg and then get out of the way.

What’s up with skinny 235 tires on RX? 🙁 Why can’t they up them to 275 on the ‘performance’ version?

Don’t forget that ultimately, this is a Lexus RX which means that performance is never the actual focus. Sure, they can chuck 366 hp (272 kW) at the driver with the 500h but luxury, comfort, and fuel economy are still higher on the priority list.

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