What New Car Priced Under $50,000 Will Be A Collectible In 20 Years?

Many car enthusiasts are always looking for the next future classic. And while it’s not hard to predict what super expensive vehicles will become collectible, it can be harder to know what the next reasonably-priced classic will be.

Today we’re asking you if you had $50,000 for a new car, and wanted to buy a collectible, what would you get? Despite prices rising fast for new cars, there remain a number of vehicles that could actually fit into the category.

There are, of course, the obvious answers. Cars whose history and tradition make them catnip for a certain kind of buyer. Take, for example, the VW Golf GTI and its ilk. Although the Mk8 Golf isn’t without its detractors, the $30,000 hatchback has such a dedicated fan base that it’s hard to imagine it not being at least a tiny bit collectible in 20 years or so. Even more so the new Toyota GR Corolla that left us pretty impressed during our first drive.

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More interesting to consider are the new-school competitors, specifically those from Hyundai. Although there is much to like about the Veloster N and the Elantra N, it will be interesting to see if that makes them truly collectible in the future, or if they turn into historical curiosities that only the most dedicated of enthusiasts cares about.

Coupes also seem like an obvious answer for this QOTD. The Nissan Z will almost certainly have a certain amount of cachet in 20 years. The Subaru BRZ/Toyota GR 86 are also likely to have a following, but whether their appeal will be obvious in two decades, or will take longer, is hard to know. I suspect that once a good amount of models are consumed by modifiers, all-original examples may become sought after.

It’s also interesting to ponder which non-performance vehicles will become collectibles. Could the Ford Maverick, for instance, foster a wave of small truck love that makes it a future classic? Will the Tesla Model 3‘s role in the popularization of EVs earn future adoration? Or will some other unexpected car become the poster child for an automotive movement that we’re still too deeply involved in to see? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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